Opening remarks

    • Mr. SAITO Tamotsu

      Chairman, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)


Hydrogen Workshops

  • 09:05-09:35

    Global Hydrogen Review 2023 Launch Event

    • Dr. Jose Miguel Bermudez Menendez

      Energy Technology Analyst - Hydrogen lead, International Energy Agency (IEA)

  • 09:40-10:20

    H2 Standard & Certification


    • Dr. Laurent Antoni

      Executive Director, International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE)


    • Dr. Andrei V. Tchouvelev

      Chair, ISO/TC 197/SC 1, Director of Safety & Regulatory, Hydrogen Council

      Andrei has over 40 years of experience in hydrogen energy and technology, including over 20 years in Regulations, Codes and Standards (RCS) development. He has conducted landmark research in hydrogen safety on topics such as hydrogen behaviour, ventilation, hazardous areas, setbacks, and sensor placement.
      Andrei joined the Hydrogen Council in May 2021 as Director of Safety & Regulatory. In this capacity he set up the Safety & Regulatory Program within the Council to address key priority topics via three platforms: internally inside the Council and externally via IEA TCP Hydrogen and ISO/TC 197 to advance international collaboration.
      He currently serves as Chair of ISO/TC 197 / SC 1 Hydrogen at Scale and Horizontal Energy Systems and as well as Co-chair of the Technical Advisory Board (TAB) of ISO/TC 197 Hydrogen technologies. He also leads, as Task Manager, IEA Hydrogen TCP Task 43 on Safety and RCS of Large Scale Hydrogen Energy Applications. Previously, he served as President of IA HySafe from 2011 to 2015 and Chair of ISO/TC 197 from 2012 to 2021. Andrei received the IAHE Jules Verne Award in 2018 for his distinguished career.
    • Mr. ADACHI Tomohiko

      Director, Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Strategy Office, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Department, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

    • Mr. Ajay Yadav

      Joint Secretary, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India

    • Ms. Daria Nochevnik

      COP28 Special Advisor on Hydrogen
      Hydrogen Council Director for Policy and Partnerships

      Daria Nochevnik has spent the last decade working in field of energy, climate and sustainability presently as Hydrogen Council Director for Policy and Partnerships and COP28 Special Advisor on Hydrogen.

      Ms. Nochevnik is an experienced advisor to decision-makers and C-suite leaders in hydrogen facing complex, multi-jurisdiction challenges. Her expertise lies in climate and energy policy and regulatory frameworks for hydrogen, global sustainability standards, as well as market design. Her background is in regulation of markets for energy commodities and environmental products, including carbon, guarantees of origin and sustainability certificates. Ms. Nochevnik is passionate about leading strategic projects, building coalitions and partnerships designed to accelerate just transition.
  • 10:30-11:10

    Safety regulation, code and standard


    • Mr. KONDO Kenji

      Chairman, the High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan (KHK)


    • Mr. TSUJIMOTO Keisuke

      Director-General, Technology Policy Coordination / Industrial and Product Safety, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

    • Mr. Subu LEE

      Vice President, Korea Gas Safety Corporation

    • Mr.Heui-joon PARK

      Director, Institute of Gas Safety R&D, Korea Gas Safety Corporation

    • Dr. Pietro Morett

      Head of Unit Battery and Hydrogen, Joint Research Centre, European Commission

  • 11:20-12:00

    H2 Finance


    • Mr. MACHII Hiroaki

      Senior Climate Change Specialist, Climate Change Group, The World Bank (IBRD)

      Mr. Hiroaki MACHII was appointed as Senior Climate Change Specialist of the World Bank in August 2022. He is acting as focal point at Climate Change Group to coordinate comprehensive solution by coping with Climate Change and other SDG values. Through this role, he is assigned as a cross supporter for building hydrogen rules, schemes, technology and financial solutions.
      Until seconded to his current post at the World Bank, Mr. MACHII had taken charge of various areas of economic policy since he joined METI in 2004. He led realizing Japan’s Strategic Energy Policy Plan in 2014, which is the first national energy plan after nuclear disaster. He also has abundant experience on international economic policy including international negotiation on G20, OECD APEC as well as holding G7 Iseshima Summit in 2016. In 2019-2022, he was based in the US as the Head of New York NEXI, the governmental export credit agency, holding his dual position of Special Advisor to the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. With his dual positions, he coordinated a variety of infrastructure projects, as well as policy coordination with US government and MIGA of the World Bank Group. He had also led building or amending draft law about chemical control, energy efficiency, biofuel etc.
      He got bachelor’s degree of the faculty of Law and Politics, the University of Tokyo in 2004. He studied abroad sent by the government of Japan and held master’s degree in Pacific International Affairs from the University of California, San Diego in 2012. He was also sent to attend the University of Tokyo Executive Management Program in 2015 and holds the certificate of it. Mr. MACHII was born on 1982 in Tokyo, Japan.


      • 2004
        Bachelor of Law and Politics, the University of Tokyo
      • 2012
        Master of Pacific International Affairs, School of Global Policy and Strategy,
        University of California, San Diego (UCSD/GPS)
      • 2016
        Certificate of Executive Management Program, the University of Tokyo

      Work Experience

      • 2004
        Joined Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Government of Japan
        Policy Planning and Coordination Division
      • 2006
        Assistant Manager, Service Policy Division
      • 2007
        Deputy Director, Petroleum Refining and Reserve Division
      • 2009
        Deputy Director, Export Control Division
      • 2010
        UCSD GPS sent by the Government of Japan
      • 2012
        Senior Deputy Director, Logistics Policy Planning Office
      • 2013
        Senior Deputy Director, Energy Supply and Demand Policy Office
      • 2014
        Senior Deputy Director, International Economic Affairs Division
      • 2015
        Executive Management Program of the University of Tokyo sent by METI
      • 2016
        Senior Deputy Director, Chemical Control Policy Division
      • 2018
        Senior Deputy Director, Corporate System Division
      • 2019
        Special Advisor to the Minister, METI / (Secondee)Head of NEXI New York Office, Chief Representative of the Americas
      • 2022
        (Secondee) Senior Climate Change Specialist, Climate Change Group, The World Bank (IBRD)


    • Dr. Demetrios Papathanasiou

      Global director for the Energy and Extractives Global Practice, The World Bank

      Dr. Papathanasiou leads more than 100 professionals at the Global Units of the Energy and Extractives Global Practice of the World Bank. He coordinates the overall strategic direction of the Practice, advances the knowledge and learning agenda for the Bank’s energy and extractives professionals, and oversees corporate reporting, trust funds, and partnerships for the Practice.
      Dr. Papathanasiou has worked for more than 20 years with the World Bank Group on Energy and Infrastructure in Africa, Latin America, East Europe and the Balkans, South Asia, East Asia and the Pacific Islands. He has contributed to developing energy policies in several countries and worked on power generation projects using many diverse technologies: thermal, hydropower, solar, wind, and geothermal. He has led large teams on complex utility and sector reforms, as well as sizeable publicprivate partnership transactions. As the Manager for the World Bank’s Energy Practice in South Asia (2016-2020), he was responsible for a portfolio of more than $10 billion and worked to increase renewable energy projects in the region, expand regional interconnections and exchanges, and modernize networks across the region.

      A professional Electrical Engineer, Dr. Papathanasiou holds an MSc in Environmental Technology and a PhD in Energy and the Environment from Imperial College in London, UK.
    • Mr. TOYODA Kohei

      Director General for Energy Transformation Strategy Energy and Natural Resources Finance Group JAPAN BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION

      Mr. Toyoda Kohei is Director General for Energy Transformation Strategy, Energy and Natural Resources Finance Group, Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) from July 1st 2022 where he is taking charge of global hydrogen and ammonia value chain creation as well as individual finance transactions.

      Prior to the current position, he was JBIC’s Chief Representative for the Middle East based in Dubai between June 2019 and June 2022 where he was taking charge of relationship management and research activities in the Middle East region.

      He was Director for International Coordination, Trade Policy Bureau Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Government of Japan between 2017 and 2019 where he took charge of promoting international business collaborations between Japan and partner countries. He was also responsible for providing project finance to power projects in the Middle East and Africa when he was Director of New Energy and Power Finance Department in JBIC between 2015 and 2017. He has experiences of project finance to mining projects in Latin American countries when he was Deputy Director of Mining Finance Department in JBIC between 2011 and 2012. He also stayed in London for two years between 2006 and 2008 as Representative of JBIC London office. He has broader experience and knowledge on project finance as well as policy based public sector finance.

      He has a BA in Economics from Kobe University and a Master in Economics from London University (University College London (UCL)).
    • Mr. UMEHARA Shinya

      General Manager, Hydrogen Solutions, Business Division, Energy Solution Business Unit, MITSUI & CO., LTD.

      Mr. Shinya UMEHARA is General Manager of Hydrogen Solutions, Business Division, Energy Solution Business Unit, MITSUI & CO., LTD., from April 1st 2023 where he is taking charge of creation of global supply chain of clean hydrogen and ammonia and regional clean hydrogen demand and supply project development for various industries.

      He has over 25+ years of experience in project development, investment and finance arrangement, and investment management in various energy and infrastracture sector as well as corporate administration for strategy and planning and human resource management during his career at MITSUI & CO., LTD.

      He has a BA in Economics from University of Tokyo.
    • Dr. Christine Falken-Grosser

      Head of Division - Hydrogen coordination, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action of Germany

      Dr. Christine Falken-Grosser is heading the Hydrogen coordination division within the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action of Germany. She coordinates the links, sequence and synergies between the German initiatives on hydrogen market development, European and international cooperation, infrastructure development and hydrogen use in all sectors, as well as regulatory issues and certification. Previously she headed the bilateral energy cooperation and developed bilateral and internatonal hydrogen initiatives in Germany. Before that she headed the German Delegation to the Paris Club and worked in the field of foreign investment finance policies and with multilateral development banks. For four years Christine served as the Economic Counsellor in the Embassy of Germany in Bangkok, Thailand, where she supported German Companies abroad and coordinated German bilateral industry, energy, climate and scientific cooperation. Before she went abroad, Christine took part in several bilateral trade negotiations for services and investment issues. A former responsibility included also the negotiation of the 3rd trading period of the Emissions Trading Scheme in Brussels. Christine holds degrees in Economics and Business Studies and a doctorate in Public Finance. She was born in Leipzig.
    • Mr. Chantho Milattanapheng

      Director General, Department of Energy Efficiency and Promotion, Ministry of Energy and Mines, Lao PDR

      The Department of Energy Efficiency and Promotion (DEEP) within the Lao PDR Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM). He is responsible for overseeing the country's efforts on clean energy, energy efficiency and conservation, electric vehicles, energy transition such as green hydrogen and carbon credit in energy sector. Under Mr. Chantho’s leadership, DEEP has spearheaded implementation of the National Energy Efficiency Strategy, clean Energy Strategy for transportation which calls for harnessing Lao PDR's abundant renewable energy potentials and formulation of National Strategy on Hydrogen and Carbone Credit Trading on Energy Sector. Mr. Chantho holds a M.Sc. Electric Power Transmission and Substation from the Georgian University (former Soviet Union) and He has worked at MEM for over 26 years.